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Embrace changes,like changes of the sun and the moon, the tide ebbs and flows. In this era of rapid change, what will not change is change. Only by embracing change can we win the future. Try to do things that are challenging and risky for yourself. Only by desperate can you go faster and run farther than people. Your joining can bring us new vitality, and we can also give you unlimited development space!

Positive and optimistic: There is no unturned road in the world, and there is no unfavorable flower in the world. People have limited life ability, but unlimited efforts. Work hard to be a kind person, a person with a sunny mind, and a positive person. Use positive energy to inspire yourself and infect your friends around you. You are sunny and the world will be wonderful because of you!

Adopt multi-channel and diversified talent cultivation methods, establish contacts with various vocational training institutions, strengthen vocational skills training, and adopt open classes, training of external experts in factories, online video learning, offline summits, etc.

According to the needs of strategic development, the company will organize special training for positions. Establish a "Xiaohetang" talent pool within the company, rationally use and develop human resources, break the limitations of talent development, stimulate the vitality of internal talents, establish a fast track for career development, and commit to "thinking, capable, willing, and capable" Talents who have succeeded will be included in the talent pool. The talent development path after entering the pool of "Xiaohetang" is divided into: "seed"-ability identification stage, "small seedlings"-training and development stage, "Dahe"-cultivation support stage, "Golden Rice"-temporary job Practice stage.

The staff canteen and staff dormitory can help you reduce the cost of living and spend your energy on more meaningful things; the perfect insurance system provides you with steadfast and secure protection on the way forward; warm holiday gifts for every special Days are expected; rich activities such as basketball and badminton allow you to relax and recharge after work; health checkups pay attention to your health...; let employees feel care, help, and happiness!