AI Ore Sorting



Taihe Intelligent actively responds to the call of national policies to research, develop and promote

the production technology and equipment to reduce the hazards of industrial solid waste.

Provide guarantee for the rapid development of ore sorting industry!

Water shortage

A lot of coal resources are stored in dry

and water-deficient areas,Lack of water

resources has become a restrictive factor

in developing and processing.

Harsh usage environment

Newer coal is easy to muddy and severe

cold when exposed to water.Many problems

such as product freezing caused by regional

sorting by washing.

National policy direction

The development direction is

"Smart mine, Green mine".

Core technology


Dry sorting equipment based on advanced imaging and artificial intelligent technology,

can proceed wide particle size with high sorting accuracy, large processing capacity and

high degree of intelligence,no need for water,greatly reduce electricity and labor cost.

Deep Learning of AI

Multispectral photoelectric scanning imaging

Solenoid valve intelligent control system

Reasonable design and energy saving

Product value


1、Mainly replace manual selection and jigging

2、Coal sorting in water-lack areas

3、Coal sorting in the areas easy to muddy in contact with water

4、 Recycling of end coal and sorting of other non-minerals

5、Reduce the cost of coal sorting

Product series


PIDS photoelectric intelligent dry coal sorting machine

Application area


This will mainly serve the fields of coal gangue sorting, pre-discharge of raw coal gangue,

end coal recycling, sorting of mudstone, sandstone, limestone, pyrite, etc.

Significantly reduce electricity and labor cost, ease environmental pressure, and improve economic benefits.