Intelligent loading



According to data analysis by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing,

only 5% of the time in the production process is spent on material handling and inspection,

while transmission and storage, loading and unloading, and waiting for processing account for 95% of the time.

Labor intensity is high, labor cost is high, work efficiency is low, safety hazards are serious, and management is difficult

Core technology


Intelligent planning method for loading space

Quickly customize the loading layout plan to achieve

high space utilization and ensure transportation safety

High-precision visual recognition positioning algorithm

Obtain the quantity and spatial location of goods,

independently plan the dismantling strategy and path

Digital Twin System

Offline simulation of loading process, online monitoring

of loading status, dispatch and command overall

Product value


Independent intellectual property rights: More than 100 national patents have been applied for, and more than 50 have been authorized.

High degree of intelligence: Intelligent scheduling and distribution to achieve multi-task collaborative operation.

Strong versatility: suitable for various carriage types and cargo specifications.

Cost reduction and efficiency increase: 30% increase in efficiency and 40% cost reduction.

Product series


Intelligent loading system

High-speed destacking system

Application area


It mainly serves the outbound and loading links of box-type and bag-type

goods in the production fields of grain and oil, food, wine, beverages,

household appliances, chemicals, fertilizers, and feed.