AI agricultural and food sorting

Industry background


Taihe Intelligent actively responds to the requirement of national "Thirteenth Five-Year" National Science and Technology Innovation Plan and "Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Development Action Plan (2016-2025)" and other important policy documents, focusing on developing key food safety protection technologies such as monitoring and testing, process control etc. Carry out research on such as food quality evaluation and system identification, online monitoring and rapid detection etc common technologies.

Relying on R&D strength and core technology, the company has breakthrough the key technology in high quality and production sorting, grading and packaging, quality tracing in food, fruit and bulk advantages agricultural products. In special agricultural products such as traditional Chinese medicines, tea, etc., Taihe is developing full set intelligent machinery which includes sorting, grading, drying, packaging, intelligent warehousing delivery system, etc.

Product series


Vertical color sorter

belt-type color sorter

tea color sorter

X-ray foreing substance detector




Milky white grains, light yellow, broken rice, glass, desiccant ...


Wheat, corn, peanuts, sunflower seeds, soybeans, red beans ...


Malignant, cracked shell, mildew, bud head, worm eye, worm hole ...


Green tea, black tea, yellow tea, white tea, dark tea, scented tea ...

Fruits and vegetables

Apple, lemon, orange, red date, kiwi, pear ...


On the sorting category, there are more than 300 types materials could be sorted.