Intelligent Packaging



With the development of the economy and the improvement of people’s living standards,

the demand for packaging of goods has gradually increased.Good packaging can not only

protect the product, but also beautify and facilitate transportation.

high cost
low work efficiency

Does not meet the intelligent workshop standards

Product value


1、Strong stability: All electrical and control components adopt well-known domestic and foreign brands, with reliable performance.

2、High efficiency and cost saving: The whole process is unmanned operation, one device can work for 10 people, and continuous operation can improve production efficiency, reduce the production cost of the enterprise, and increase the operating cost.

3、Green and environmental protection: The unique material and automated "non-contact" packaging process prevent the pollution and damage of the packaging from the external environment, and ensure the safety of the packaging. At the same time, it can beautify and add value to the packaging. It is convenient for storage and transportation of goods.

Product series


Cling film packaging machine

Grain and oil heavy bag packaging unit

Heavy bag packing unit

Vertical packing unit

Powder heavy bag packing unit

Secondary packing unit

Application area


Mainly used in food, food, chemical industry, seeds, tea, sugar, waterproof coating and

other industries of the primary packaging, secondary packaging, transportation, palletizing.