AI vision technology

Digital Twin Technology

Edge computing technology

CCD/CMOS sensing technology

Based on 2D/3D image fusion technology and deep learning algorithm, it can quickly identify, classify and locate target objects in complex scenes.

Based on virtual reality technology and data sensing interaction technology, we provide real-time supervision, iterative optimization and efficiency improvement for automated processes of production and storage and transportation.

Adopt intelligent hardware such as GPU and FPGA to complete data collection and computing at the edge nodes simultaneously, reducing data transmission and improving data security and real-time equipment work.

Intelligent camera system with high frame rate, high resolution and low noise provides high reproduction image data source for the device.

SOC technology

Autonomous planning and decision-making technology

Remote operation and maintenance technology

Image data processing platform that combines the flexibility of data processing and the performance capable of handling massive amounts of data.

Intelligent devices automatically sense changes in the operating environment, coordinate key elements, plan operating paths and beats, and make real-time decisions on task execution processes.

Comprehensive use of 4G/5G, 485, CAN, Ethernet and other communication methods, real-time control of equipment operating status, online configuration of solutions and analysis of equipment problems through big data technology.