Renewable resources sorting

Industry background


At present, the promotion of the development of circular economy has risen to the level of country's national strategy. As an important part of the circular economy, it is necessary and urgent to vigorously develop the renewable resource industry.

TAIHO AI sorting equipment works in plastic sorting , metal sorting and glasses sorting.

Compared with traditional methods such as manual sorting method and sink-floating method, the types of materials that can be processed and the sorting efficiency are significantly improved, while reducing environmental pollution.

Core technologies


360° multi-spectral imaging, efficient and accurate

SOC Intelligent Processing Architecture,Ultra recognition

Self-coordinated pneumatic system, extremely clean sorting

Simplest UI interface, convenient operation

Product value


The resource recovery sorting machine mainly replaces the traditional manual sorting method and the sink-floating sorting method.

Manual sorting efficiency is low, sorting limitations are high, and the effect is unstable;

The sink-float sorting method occupies a large area and has a high risk of water pollution, and it is impossible to sort materials with similar density.

Product Series


Belt-type Color sorter

NIR Polymer Sorter

Color sorter



It is mainly used in glass separation, metal separation and plastic separation projects.