Good news | Thaihe Intelligence was awarded Top 50 Artificial Intelligence Enterprises in China in 2020

Good news | Thaihe Intelligence was awarded Top 50 Artificial Intelligence Enterprises in China in 2020

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On December 16, 2020, the "MEET 2021 Smart Future Conference" hosted by the well-known Chinese technology media "Qubit" ended in Beijing. The results of the 2020 China Artificial Intelligence Annual Selection were officially announced at the conference site. Taihe Intelligence won the 2020 TOP50 Chinese artificial intelligence companies.

The awards of this conference are supervised by well-known experts in the industry, and are based on the company's revenue, technology, and financing data, combined with "qubit" tracking reports and observations on the AI industry over the years. "Qubit" said that this list of AI companies concentrated on 50 companies with promising capital, customer trust, technical hardcore, and commercial success. They are mainstream players in China's AI field. Relying on continuous breakthroughs in technical strength and product innovation, Taihe Intelligence has joined Baidu, Ali, Tencent, Huawei and Xunfei and other companies to join the "Annual Artificial Intelligence Enterprise" industry.

Smart manufacturing

After Taihe Intelligence was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2017, it began to deploy its core AI visual recognition and machine deep learning technologies in more application fields. And it has formed a good communication and cooperation mechanism with China Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance, iFlytek and other professional associations, and industry brands. At present, Taihe Intelligence has formed a business model based on artificial intelligence as the basic platform, with visual recognition as the core technology, focusing on industry pain points, and providing solutions. The business involves AI agricultural and sideline food sorting, AI ore sorting, smart packaging and Intelligent loading field.

World Intelligence • AI Vision Expert

Taihe Intelligence also released a new brand concept "World Intelligent Manufacturing • AI Vision Expert". From a business perspective, Taihe  will  build an intelligent operation and maintenance service platform-"TAI + Intelligent Manufacturing Internet Platform" based on scientific research results in the fields of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G, industrial Internet, and big data. From the commercial level, it uses technology and strength to gather strength to promote the upgrading of the intelligent manufacturing industry, and launches an ecological marketing circle to help customers' enterprise brand development-Taihe Health Selection.

Taihe Intelligence won the TOP50 of China’s artificial intelligence companies in 2020, which will encourage Taihe Intelligence to continue to cultivate in the field of intelligent manufacturing and occupy an industry position in the era of digital industrialization. Taihe Intelligence has been practicing "intelligence changes the future and makes work better." The mission of making life easier and better is to contribute to the development of China's new economy and build a better world with artificial intelligence.