Brand empowerment ▏Youchen Tea achieves brand upgrade, Taihe Intelligent helps to increase productivity

Brand empowerment ▏Youchen Tea achieves brand upgrade, Taihe Intelligent helps to increase productivity

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Drinking tea since ancient times

Is a custom and etiquette of Chinese

Treat guests with tea, meet friends with tea, and socialize with tea

It is the way of drinking tea of all ethnic groups in China

Taihe Intelligent Customer Show

From the Youchen Tea Industry, which has a mastery of tea

Come with Taihe to see

Youchen Tea Industry adopts Taihe Intelligent Tea Color Sorter

How to achieve brand upgrade

In today's economic globalization, "tea" has also become a health drink that has swept the world. Huangshan Youchen Tea Co., Ltd. is located in Gaotan Village, Shangshan Town, Xiuning County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, with area about 15 acres.

It is a refined tea production enterprise, mainly engaged in refined tea export sales business, exported to Africa, Mauritania, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, Morocco and other countries and regions.

With the development of the company and the increase in production capacity, in order to better guarantee quality, improve efficiency, and reduce operating costs, Youchen Tea has successfully introduced Taihe's intelligent multi-layer tea color sorting machine. This measure has also successfully made Youchen Tea Brand Officially stepping into a new era.

Let technology serve enterprises, and enterprises benefit from technology. Taihe Intelligent Multilayer Tea Color Sorter, with more than ten years of research and development, 100 sets of exclusive algorithms, shape + color sorting technology, stable and reliable performance, 260 million pixels + ring curve self-repairing lens, 360° panoramic reproduction of tea, Tea stems, yellow slices, broken leaves, stones, etc., realize the selection of tea for enterprises.

Taihe Intelligent takes the pre-training and perfect after-sales service system as normalized work development, so that customers can experience "buy with confidence and use with ease".