How company can reduce costs and increase efficiency in the face of rising labor costs under the impact of the epidemic

How company can reduce costs and increase efficiency in the face of rising labor costs under the impact of the epidemic

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During the recurrence of the epidemic, due to the needs of epidemic management and control, various localities implemented policies such as staggered holidays, on-site Chinese New Year, and isolation. Industries and enterprises with more labor requirements were greatly affected. On the contrary, the intelligent chemical factory with higher degree of mechanization and less labor requirements is easy to control and has become a highlight.

The intelligent chemical factory applies AI sorting, intelligent packaging, intelligent loading and other intelligent equipment and facilities to digitally process tedious tasks, or directly transfer and guide them to work based on data, so as to minimize the energy and needs of labor.

In this context, the unmanned and less humanized cargo loading scene will have a greater development, and the demand for intelligent loading technology that matches this will also increase, and there are higher requirements for the in-depth application and reliability of intelligent loading technology. At the same time, 5G-based commercial applications will promote the transformation of smart factory models based on the "Internet of Things + Artificial Intelligence" in all walks of life, so as to realize interconnection and interaction of cars, cargoes, and warehouses and accelerate the realization of factory intelligence.

Taiho intelligent loading system provides enterprises with an overall solution for automated, informatized and intelligent cargo loading. The intelligent loading system includes destacking mechanism, conveying mechanism, loading mechanism, intelligent management software, numerical simulation system and other intelligent equipment and software, which can destack, sort, transport to the loader, and then the loader puts the cargo on the truck. The entire work process does not require workers to operate, avoiding labor shortages, high employment costs and other problems, while greatly reducing the hidden safety hazards of the enterprise.

(Intelligent Loading System )

The intelligent loading system can not only realize the unmanned operation of destacking and loading, but also its numerical simulation system can improve the dispatching intelligence and loading efficiency of the storage and transportation for enterprises. The numerical simulation system can simulate the loading process, such as the destacking sequence, the working cycle of the destacking robot, and the conveying speed. Through the simulation, the design parameters and operating procedures can be optimized, the loading efficiency can be improved, and the cost of the enterprise can be reduced in the best way.