Brand empowerment丨How does Qiuran Rice achieve rapid brand value increase?

Brand empowerment丨How does Qiuran Rice achieve rapid brand value increase?

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There is always a piece of land

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There is always a good rice

Let your teeth and cheeks fragrant

Ancient rice golden autumn, natural rice aroma

Here is the new episode of Taiho Intelligent Customer Case Study-- Qiuran Rice Industry from Heilongjiang

Heilongjiang Qiuran Rice Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Fangzheng County, the hometown of selenium-rich rice in China. It is a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization and has an advanced fully automated production line with an annual processing capacity of 500,000 tons.

Qiuran Rice has 320,000 acres of selenium-rich rice, green rice, and organic rice planting bases. Its product brands such as "Qiuran", "Qiuyi", and "Micube" have successively obtained "Heilongjiang Famous Trademark" and "National "Agricultural Technology Extension Organization", "Agricultural Technology Demonstration Base", "China Good Grain and Oil Enterprise", "National Grain Administration Announces Key Support for Leading Industrialized Enterprises" and other honors.

Since 2011, the company has successively introduced several Taiho Smart rice color sorters, and constructed a single fully automated production line with an annual output of 200,000 tons of rice, strictly controlling the quality and safety of rice.

Taiho Smart Rice Color Sorter adopts industry-leading technology, 260 million pixels + ring-curved self-repairing lens, integrates light, quality, color, and shape multi-dimensional spatial data, realizes quantum-level precision recognition, and comprehensively uses intelligent classification technology and multi-spectrum Confocal technology, military-grade communication systems, big data applications, one-click smart sharing, milky white grains, diving yellow, broken rice, desiccant, bricks, metals, insects and other miscellaneous sorting and removal, Taihe Intelligence further helps Qiuran rice Industry improves the level of intelligent production, helps companies improve production efficiency, reduces corporate costs, guarantees excellent product quality, and helps continuously upgrade brand value.

In 2018, approved by the China Brand Promotion Association, the brand strength of "Qiu Ran" was 747 and the brand value was 385 million yuan.